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Air Transat is a Canadian airline based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1986, it is the country's third-largest airline, operating scheduled and charter flights, serving 60 destinations in 25 countries. Air Transat is owned and operated by Transat A.T. Inc., having a fleet of 44 aircraft.

Barb Nesbit angrily mentioned, "Very disappointed to learn after Air Transat cancelled our flight no refund would be issued - only a credit. I realize Covid-19 is an extreme situation but it is extreme for family as well. In the USA - the agency responsible for the airline industry had the backs of every American when the airlines attempted to do the same. The Dept of transportation (DOT) required airlines to issue refunds. So disappointed that the Canadian Transportation Authority will not require the same. We have enjoyed the direct flights to many destinations through Toronto but will not be flying in the future. We will stick to US flights to ensure we are covered financially should an event to this magnitude occur again. Fellow travelers - Buffalo and Niagara Falls airport is only a little more than an hour away - consider protecting your airline investment in the future by flying through the US! Good luck and stay healthy."


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Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"-have to book tickets for your boss's gf, have to call the school for your boss's kids, on top of that have tons of work with very poor pay and are expected to do overtime not paid. There is no diversity."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Exremely bad management -Low pay - They don't care about their employees - They don't value your work - Some agents have more advantages than others; there is obviously some descrimination going on over there"

Current Employee - Sales and Service Agent says

"Once you have completed the training, reality will quickly set in. There is an undisclosed motto that is repeated constantly between employees in all sectors: “Fake it until you make it”. It will not take long to realize that despite its reputation as an employer, Transat has major room for improvement in the treatment of employees and work/life balance. It’s no wonder the turnover rate is so high….. but don’t bother offering solutions, if you’re a recent hire, your opinion is not considered of value. Despite your background and years of experience, you must “pass the test”. Leads and supervisors will not listen or even pay you any attention until you have ‘stood out’. On the contrary, any positive feedback to improve business may land you on their “black list”. It’s as if they have decided to build a wall because they are expecting you to be fired or leave for something better (a natural occurrence). We are constantly under surveillance. The motto should be: “Watch your back and trust no ONE”. Word gets around fast. Rumours and news travel faster than in high school and FB (this is not applicable to work-related important updates). Prisoners are less monitored than Transat Call Centre employees. If you are 5 minutes late, it will automatically be deducted from your pay, no matter how much overtime you do or give back. You must always use the appropriate status on the system or risk getting a warning from your sup. If you need to use the bathroom, the time is deducted from your (one) 15-minute break. If you’re a smoker, start practicing your sprints. Some employees are permitted to go pee on the ACW status, but the others are not – I’m still trying to figure out why). As a call-centre agent, employees are offered a HelpDesk line. What does this mean? When in doubt, on a file, you can call a «Lead». Note that: Wait times are long. When you finally get through, they are condescending AND make you feel like you’re an idiot (have you followed the procedures on Eureka? is always their 1st response). IF you get a helpful and efficient lead, trust me, you recall their names! Not because they offer exceptional service but simply because they are doing their job. There are no set rules and regulations in the treatment/handling of client files or in the way staff is treated. Whomever you get as a lead/sup will determine the outcome. The same situation, with a different lead, can lead to a more favourable outcome. It’s hard to justify working here at such a low salary of $14.10/hr, when we deal with unsatisfied and pissed off clients ALL THE TIME. Not to mention, computer systems that are so outdated, it can take an hour (or more) to complete a file with such situations as a “deviation” (type of modification to a vacation package). Even if your client was polite, after being ON HOLD for an eternity, they will turn on you…. ** Do NOT propose calling a client back (to save him time) – this will only penalize you and cause extra stress and work. Calling a client back requires you change your status to ACW. If the call is too long, you must notify your sup to obtain permission. She must then advise COPEQ (the scheduling department) to adjust your schedule. In high season, it is VERY high stress. Back-to-back calls, mostly with dissatisfied and disgruntled clients. The company has no empathy for their clients and their customer service is below par. Anything we can do you get rid of the client or transfer them to another department, trust me, the agent (or lead) will try. BEWARE: you may fall on a fellow colleague who will REFUSE to service that client. This airline company is out to make a profit. Their strict terms & conditions make it that the client will never win. Most times, it’s warranted (trust me, you’ll hear every excuse imaginable), but I have been witness to cases where Transat was not fair. For example, in a case that Transat must replace an existing reservation (a hotel that no longer meets our standards, for example). They issue letters/emails to advise clients that their package was modified to a new hotel. The trick here is that Transat offers the client “equivalent” to PRICE, NOT equivalent to what was booked. Try explaining to a client that she is better off cancelling a vacation and obtaining a reimbursement for a vacation package she booked 8 months ago, instead of accepting the lousy $100 credit we are offering, since the hotel replacement is not even comparable to what she wanted. Any other package that is equivalent costs approximately $3K more."

Current Employee - Administrator says

"Salary is subpar and IT is a disorganized mess. The majority of the work is done by a handful of people while the other ones watch from the sidelines."

Travel Agent says

"Everything that management are doing"

Former Employee - Contact Center Agent says

"long hours, micro management, time consuming"

Former Employee - Senior Business Analyst says

"Minimal chances for career advancement"

Former Employee - Operations Research Developer says

"Team works as in the nineties ('90): - remote work is discouraged - shared documents are sent by email instead of using the available document sharing platform - no real tool for tasks management (like Jira or so) - not following Agile principles (TDD, Scrum, Kanban, etc.) - you have a laptop but docking stations are reserved only to higher managers (really?) - asking for a developer workstation needs three levels of approvals and an email with justifications, even if you have been hired as a software developer - bureaucracy is paramount in this workplace Onboarding of new employees is somewhat vague; it is hard to know who to ask in HR for some questions. Bad communication; English is second or third language of all the team members and mastery of this language used in team communication is deficient. This leads to misinterpretation, misunderstanding and lots of inefficiencies. Change of mind every two days; how to communicate progress, how to select tasks, etc. The developers are being blamed of respecting the directives from management when it turns out it was not a good idea (even though the team said so initially)."

Former Employee - Compressor Technician says

"Low salary, flight benefits taxed and added to income tax,"

Current Employee - Human Resources Recruiter says

"Head Office is in Motreal"

Boarding Agent (Former Employee) says

"The supervisor is racist and not fair , they treat spanish better than others race I will never work for them , it was a bad experience working with this airline specially SwissPort company"

Adjointe administrative (Former Employee) says

"Worked for a female Manager in the Safety, Quality and Security Department. Bad management, no employee equality when it came to training, meetings, equipment, sick days, communication, does not make u feel part of a team, I was not allowed to ask questions as I was eagar to learn, etc.. Micromanaging, acting like a police with all the surveillances and keeping tabs on you. She is always right and other are wrong. She will not allow you to be autonomous or take initiative, she will not help you to be successful. She has issues with trust, and does not trust her employees, she is paranoid, who is always suspicious of wrong doings. Very negative, racist as they get all the training and attention. I had to report to her of my whereabouts, tell her when I made up my time, tell her I recorded my absences in the timesheet. I was treated like a child in daycare to report to her for everything. I could not even send an invitation and do my work, because she thinks she is the best at doing it.. I got no integration, no training what so ever, no orientation about the company or organization. The Manager cannot make up her mind, you will have endless corrections, as she keeps changing the texts She will blame you for not taking good minutes, because hers are better and it will take her weeks to correct them. Your to blame she is always right, get easily frustrated. She went crazy on me, she shouted at me, to write what she tells me, did not care what I had to say, then she shouted a few times to get out of her office, because I told her u told me last time not to do"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"The supervisor at GTADnata are the WORST!! They have no idea how to operate a company.. not enough training and the customer service manager.. very racist. He doesn’t like black people.MoneyManagement, very disorganized"

Check-in agent (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work,learned nothing,supervisors were raciest,no team work,very low salaries."

Inside Sales / Lead Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"My second boss that was the Sales Manager was the reason I left, he treated his staff awful and said some very mean and not nice things. It was my time to leave, no regrets.People were niceMy old boss"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"when i started everything was great than quickly the conditiond=s of the employees started to go down, less time of more hours less money less benefit !"

Centre d’information et de sélection des sièges (Former Employee) says

"Il y a un grand manque de support surtout pour les nouveau employés. Le travail peu paraître simple, mais il y a beaucoup de détails à savoir et plusieurs systèmes qui ne fonctionne pas bien. Les appels peuvent être très très long du aux problèmes informatiques. Il n’y a pas de support de la part des managers aucune rencontre d’équipe régulière c’est du chacun pour soit. Le management est vraiment rude quand on appel pour de l’aide et la culture d’entreprise laisse vraiment à désirer. La permanence est offerte après 6 mois. Donc avant d’avoir atteint ton 6 mois on ne te donne pas ou très peu de feed back, à savoir si tu es dans la bonne direction.Les horaires flexibles, avantages voyages, télétravailAucun support, problèmes informatiques constant, la culture d’entreprise, le salaire, l’individualisme"

XXXXXX (Current Employee) says

"Il y a tellement d'employés qui sont en poste depuis 10-20-30 ans, que les procédures, stratégies et culture d'entreprise changent très peu, les gens se disent « on a toujours fait ça » et ne se questionnent pas ou ne cherchent pas à s'améliorer ou s'aligner au marché."

Flight Attendant (Current Employee) says

"This is not a stable job. You get laid off every year and dont know if you are going to have a job in the future"

Administrativa (Former Employee) says

"Trabajar con mucha presión en el aeropuerto Aprender a realizar todas las tareas y documentos de exportación aérea y documentación de exportación marítima"

Spécialiste Relations Clientèle (Former Employee) says

"bonne entreprise , entre prise qui necessite une nouvelle vision des affaires"

FLIGHT DIRECTOR (Current Employee) says

"not a day is typical everyday working at Air Transat will bring you adventure if you're interested in slow pace work it won't be the type of job you are looking for"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Safety procedures, elite customer service, great staff. The hardest part is time changes/time zones its a life style and not a job. Hard on your health and exhausting. Most enjoyable is all the different countries and cultrues that you get to experience.See other countrysToo many lay-offs"

Operations Agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Pearson International Airport. Its a fun place to work because you get to interact with different types and kind of people. I've learned to handle different situations while working there"

flight attendant (Former Employee) says

"Transat was a great company with a forward thinking leader at the head of the company however after his dismissal our working conditions got worse and the lack of proper management left many upset, underpaid, overworked and feeling like nothing but a benefitshard lifestyle"

Flight Director (Current Employee) says

"Gather flight information and brief the cabin attendants Announcements safety checks Safety and security of the passangers"

Flight Attendant / Flight Director (Former Employee) says

"My experience with Air Transat was a good one, but I didn't have good job security. This is why I gave it an overall rating of 3/5. There is limited career growth out west, so best to relocated to Toronto or Montrealgood crew and supportive managmentlong days, lots of lay offs"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Depending on the crew you're flying it, work can be great or miserable. A lot of gossip and cattiness between coworkers. Fun place to work in your 20s, not stable or lucrative enough to build a family on without dual income."

Passenger service agent (Former Employee) says

"i had a good experience working with swissport ( air transat) i learnt lots of things during this year. With my experience i know that swissport is better than Transol"

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